Within 15 seconds, a freshly cut pineapple!

Thompe B.V. has invested more than 2 years in the pineapple slicer. The pineapple slicer is produced from high quality, durable materials from which all of them are recyclable. The Thompe pineapple slicer is a fully automatic pineapple cutter designed for the supermarket and the fruit and vegetable retailer. The machine cuts off the crown, peels it, removes the core and then cuts the pineapple into slices.


The entire process of the cutting of the pineapple into slices, is visible to the consumer. It makes it fun to use, and gives the consumers a very fresh product.

Regarding hygiene this has been thoroughly thought through. It is easy to clean, and we can provide full colour stickers, as required for your business.

The pineapple slicer has a distinctive look just like the fresh orange juice machine which is also very successful.

Both young and old have fun using it and find it fascinating to watch!


The difference in taste compared to pre-packed products will bring the customer back for more! Even consumers who prepare their own pineapples at home will be impressed by the convenience/ease of use of the fresh pineapple slicer.

In store locations the pineapple slicer:

  • Has increased shop revenue.
  • Is an eye catcher, (distinctive).
  • Cuts the pineapple into slices within 15 seconds.
  • Fun to use, fascinating to watch.

For the consumer, the machine is simple and safe to use. The consumer has a freshly cut pineapple within 15 seconds. The machine drops the pineapple automatically into a plastic container, which can be provided by us.

The plastic container can be labelled to complete the experience, and to provide the retailer with an opportunity to lend its name to the product.

See how it works in the video below:


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