Fresh Milk Dispenser:

Provides fresh, healthy and delicious pasteurised milk.

Is easy to operate and runs with low maintenance.

Features automated steam cleaning for the filling unit.

The Thompe Fresh Milk Dispenser provides added value:

For the Farmer (increased publicity, farm behind the milk, increased revenue)

For the Retailer (eye catching machine that will provide an increase in revenue)

For the Consumer (due to the milk only being pasteurised, the taste of the milk is richer and fuller).


We offer a full service concept to the retailer and farmer. Due to our years of logistics experience we provide a custom made service throughout the Netherlands.



Video Display:

The farmer can give added value to his product by making a small film about his milk, that will be displayed to the consumer via a TV screen on the fresh milk dispenser.

Pet Bottles:

Our PET bottles preserve the taste and provide an optimal shelf life for the milk. It’s possible to order bottles along with the fresh milk dispenser. The bottles can be provided with full colour stickers, if required.

Intelligent Milk Tanks:

The milk tanks are available in various sizes. The tanks are easy to move and easy to use. The milk tank and the fresh milk dispenser are constantly monitored to ensure the appropriate temperature and quantity of the milk.


The tanks are also equipped with an automatic stirring mechanism that maintains optimal quality.



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